WInter is coming…

Tomorrow I am riding in the Cleveland Cranksgiving ride and the weather is calling for some snow. Looks like it’s time to get the studs on my Trucker. Last year I got a great deal on some Sumoi Winter HC folding tires (better known as the Nokian WXC 300). I rode them last winter and have only good things to say about these tires. The tires are 2.2″ with 304 studs and weigh in at 750 grams…not bad for a studded tire. Like any tire they struggle when the snow gets too deep but they are great for trail riding and  when the snow flies on the roads. They may be a bit of overkill for icy only road conditions but they roll reasonably well for studs so i don’t mind. Bring on the snow…it’s better than the cold rain.ImageImage


So…out of complete boredom and otherwise good judgement I decided to start this page. Obviously it will be about the things that interest me. Bikes, beer and BS…not necessarily in that order. P1080944